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RC offers a comprehensive solution, tailored to specific client needs

Phone Banking

There are numerous community events taking place in the DMV area at any given time. Selecting the right place and the right time for our client’s message is at the forefront of targeting the right audience.

Connect with key audience in a more personal and efficient manner.
Phone banking has become the unlikely promotional campaign hero of 2020 as COVID-19 has impacted on real-world activities very significantly. It has stepped into the gap in the market for outreach promotion that can be conducted safely and effectively.

Canvasing Under Community Outreach

Event organizers offer a variety of sponsorship packages to potential exhibitors. RC conducts due diligence on behalf of our clients to enable an informed decision-making process.

Campaigning works most effectively when there is a personal touch associated with it.
Canvassing: Community awareness campaigns are great ways to draw visibility to your nonprofit or community organization, while also educating future members or activists on the issues facing your community. Through canvassing, we provide a unique opportunity to engage, educate, and empower individuals in a comprehensive manner.

Our Digital Outreach Capabilities

Since the implementation of “stay at home” orders, we have been able to expand our company’s digital capabilities. We developed live and recorded workshops, events, and educational seminars in the form of webinars and virtual meetings. Our company has continued to adapt to the evolving circumstances while ensuring the safety of our employees, clients, and the community overall.